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Innovative solutions, instruments and
software for animal behavior research


Laboras Sonotrack

Advanced system for automated recognition of more than 18 different  behaviors in mice and rats, such as climbing, rearing, locomotion, immobility grooming, eating, drinking, scratching, seizures, wet dog shakes (WDS), head shakes, startles, freezing, etc.

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Innovative system for full-spectrum recording, playback & analysis of ultrasonic vocalizations (USV calls). Features automatic call classification, call counting, bioacoustic analysis and playback of ultrasound calls of various species, such as mice, rats and marmosets.

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Smartchamber Sleepsign

Advanced sound attenuation chamber designed for USV and Sleep studies. It features a built in video camera, ventilation, door sensor, light sensor and is controlled by a touchscreen in the front panel.

Powerful sleep analysis software for manual and automatic sleep stage scoring. Recognizes sleep stages such as REM, Wake, etc.
Investigates sleep disorders in animals.

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  Application areas:
      Drug Development / Preclinical research,    Safety Pharmacology,   Toxicity 
  Main research areas:   Neuroscience (CNS), Dermatology, Phenotyping, Pain Research, Sleep Research



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